Huge Hearts HomeCare Inc.

      641 S. La Grange Rd.           205 N. 2nd St. Suite D
La Grange, IL. 60525             DeKalb, IL. 60115



What hours do you provide services?
We offer service anytime day or night, 7 days a week including holidays.  Our goal is to help you with your needs and around the times and days that work best for you! 

Is Huge Hearts HomeCare licensed and insured?
Yes, Huge Hearts is licensed by the State of Illinois and also insured.  We are also members of the LGBA.

Why are you different from other Home Care companies?
The owners of Huge Hearts HomeCare wanted to start a homecare service where the care never ends.  The owners have had experience going from house to house taking care of clients for over eight years, so they are aware of what needs to be done, and the changes that go along with aging.  Huge Hearts is aware of how age can affect a person and the best ways to help.  The owners have met a lot of companies and employees over the years, and decided they need a company with only the best employees with high standard training to help clients in need of assistance.  Huge Hearts has had experience ranging rom the young to almost 100 years old.  The Owners at Huge Hearts do not just sit behind closed doors; they are out providing service calls also, to provide the best care possible. Huge hearts adheres to all applicable federal and state guidelines including privacy of your information.

What about your employees?
Our Caregivers and Companions are screened with the highest industry standards.  They undergo a state and federal background check, reference checks including past employment, schooling and personal.  All employees go through applicable medical testing including TB shots.  Employees undergo random drug screenings as well.  All employees go through training regardless of their past experience.  Huge Hearts tries to pick the best caregiver that meets your needs, however if at anytime you wish to have a new person, we will send a new caregiver at any time with no questions asked.  We do our best to always insure compatibility between the client and caregiver.

What are your rates?
We charge a flat hourly rate, a 12-24 hour shift rate and a flat live in rate.  We do not charge any hidden fees such as zoning or mileage fees. Please call our office at 708-352-1850 for more information.   Are you a veteran or was your spouse one?  If so ask about our Veteran rates!  We also accept long term care insurance and veterans benefits.

If I decide that this is for me, what do I do?
Call our office at 1-708-352-1850 or fill out our online form.  One of the owners  will schedule a visit with you to go over your service needs and paperwork.  Once that is done, Huge Hearts will match you with a qualified caregiver that fits your needs and hours.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, we do have a contract that you need to sign that goes over payment and services that you would like to use.  There is NO required length of service so you can cancel at anytime.  The Contract basically states that you can cancel at anytime and that our flat hourly rate includes all of the services that you choose and you can add more at anytime without changing the price. 

What if I need to get a hold of someone at the office and the office is closed?
Huge Hearts HomeCare operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need to contact someone and the office is closed, you can call the office because the calls are normally forwarded to a person who can answer 24/7.  If not, just leave a message and someone will call you back A.S.A.P.  You will also be given a 2nd number that you can call for 24/7 assistance once you sign up.

How do I pay for services?
Huge Hearts will send the responsible party a bill weekly.  We accept personal checks, paypal, money orders and credit cards.  You may send payment to:
Huge Hearts HomeCare
205 N. 2nd St. Suite D
DeKalb, IL. 60115
or call us with a credit card and we will be happy to assist you that way.  Whatever is easiest for you!

Do I need to supply anything?
Huge Hearts asks that you please supply a box of non-vinyl medical gloves for the caregiver if you need assistance with toileting, diaper changing, hygiene, bathing or cleaning.  This protects not only you but also the worker from passing germs.  We also ask that you supply the cleaning materials that you would like the caregiver to use.  If you are requesting companionship services only, there are  no supplies needed.

Do I need to supply my own car if I need to be driven for shopping, errands or a doctors appointment?
No, all of our workers have their own car, along with a valid driver's license and current car insurance.  A current copy is always kept on file.  Due to company policy we ask that no employee drives your car unless approved by the office.

Do I ever give the caregiver any cash for shopping or errands?
No, Huge Hearts strictly prohibits employees from taking cash or any type of payment.  If you need groceries or anything requiring money, this is paid for by the company and you will be billed on your weekly bill along with the hours of service.  The employee will go shopping and you will sign the receipt stating that they purchased the items with your consent.  The total on the receipt is what you will be billed for.  Never give any employee any type of payment.  The copy of the receipt will also be included with the bill.  You should always only pay Huge Hearts directly.

What if I need additional services than what is stated on the contract and/or different hours?
If at anytime you need to change days or times or even the services requested, you just call our office and we will be happy to assist you.  By changing hours or services does not change how much you pay.  Our hourly rate stays the same.

What if down the road I need health care instead of home care?
At this time, Huge Hearts only provided non-medical home care; however, if you are in need of a nurse to come to the house, we will provide you will referrals for home health companies specializing in doctors and nurses.  We will assist you in anyway that we can to make sure that you are happy and taken care of.

I need some yard work done and things fixed around the house...can your employees do this?
Our employees do not fix things around the house or do yard work; however, if this is a service that you need we will be more than willing to refer someone to you outside of our company.  If you do not want to be alone when they come, let us know and we will have them come when your caregiver is there with you.

This sounds perfect, how do I get started?
Just call our office at 708-352-1850 and we will get you set up with a date that is good for you to do a meet and greet.  We will then go over everything in person and get you signed up.  Please pick a day that works for you.  We work around your availability!  Please allow at least about 45 minutes for the meet and greet. 

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