Huge Hearts HomeCare Inc.

      641 S. La Grange Rd.           205 N. 2nd St. Suite D
La Grange, IL. 60525             DeKalb, IL. 60115


About Us

Huge Hearts HomeCare was started to address serious problems in the homecare industry.  Working in the industry for over a decade, we at Huge Hearts HomeCare have heard horror stories from clients time and time again about how bad their experiences have been with other homecare agencies or issues that they did not like.  A combination of untrained employees and management that doesn't seem to care, has caused true customer service and caring to be lost in the shuffle of the almighty dollar.  This is a devastation to every client and family member involved with these agencies.  Huge Hearts HomeCare and it's staff are on a mission to change those bad experiences one client at a time. With time and dedication to the job at hand, it's our goal to make our customers feel like family, the way it should be.  Our clients are our family members.  You love them and you want the best homecare for them.  So do we!

Message From The Owners:

Working in the homecare industry for over 8 years, I have taken care of many people close to 100 years old.  I understand how things progress not only physically, but mentally as well.  I have heard endless stories & complaints about different companies and their employees.  I understand what the Home Care field is missing....CARE!  At Huge Hearts HomeCare, we do not hire just anyone, we hire only the people tat we would feel comfortable leaving our own family members with.  Our staff will provide love and care for your loved one that is truely second to none.
~Jenni Showalter~

I was always upset by the inconsistencies of Home Care that was provided by companies that were  hired to help with my grandmother over the years.  I couldn't help but think that there had to be a better way, better people to help my  loved one.  Unfortunatly they were all the same, seemingly having no compassion for someone who could barely help themselves.  I figured it was my duty to make a change, one client at a time!

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